Great Gatsby for the 3rd time?

Coming from a High School that was very big on reading different types of literature, this course  has now allowed me to come across reading The Great Gatsby for the third time now (not complaining at all though!). Because in this time around, I feel as though I have  learned how to read novels more critically and find myself analyzing basic themes and common attributes of major characters way more than in the past.

With that being said the biggest thing that stuck out to me this time around was the common thread that makes Gatsby and George so alike, even though it may not be under the best circumstances. Both Jay and George have such love for the woman in their lives, whether it be for Daisy or for Myrtle. They are ultimately dreamers. Two men who live their lives with unconditional love for women that are both in love with Tom Wilson.

This stuck out to me because Tom appears to be such a arrogant man, who doesn’t care about much. While Jay may have not acquired his wealth in the most legal manner, driven by his love for Daisy, he would do anything to impress her and “win” her love over. And Tom may not have a lot of money, but the death of Myrtle sends him into a long state of grief. These two men may not have it all for-say, but they do have love and compassion, which appears to be something Tom is lacking quite greatly.

This makes me really wonder, why do women go after the men who can give them the material things, but not the love and unconditional support they truly need to survive deep down? Or in other words, why do women always appear to go for the “bad boys,” rather then the men who may not have it all, but will give them everything they have? And this goes to show in not only the 1920’s but in todays century.

Fitzgerald, F. Scott. The Great Gatsby. New York: Scribner, 2013. Print.

One thought on “Great Gatsby for the 3rd time?

  1. Jordan

    I thought this post was a very interesting take on The Great Gatsby and its real world applications. However, while I do agree that George and Gatsby have some similarities, I must argue the similarities between Tom and Gatsby. Both have money and both flaunt it. Tom through his backhanded way of boasting and Gatsby through his excessiveness. Both have a desire that ultimately wins them over. For Gatsby, this desire is Daisy and encourages his financial behaviors. For Tom, the desire is power, something he achieves through his money (for example, in the text, it can be argued that Tom begins an affair with Myrtle because he is aware of the power his social class brings to him in terms of women). So while I do see your points in the similarities between Gatsby and George, I think it is also important to note the striking similarities between Tom and Gatsby as well.

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