When reading Tyson’s writing about Marxist, something that really struck out to me was the explanations of the word commodity and the value placed on each of its counterparts.

Something that really caught my eye was the mention of “conspicuous consumption” which in simple terms is described as displaying material items in order to impress other members of society and or to brag about the wealth they must have in order to┬áhave such an item.

When thinking back I thought of The Great Gatsby immediately and well of course, Jay. Jay went out of his way to even do things as horrible as sell things illegal just to be able to impress Daisy. He wanted wealth in order to brag and try to one up her husband and after getting the wealth, showed it off in a effort to impress “his lady..”

Though I feel like today this is even present in society. We as people look at people who have big fancy cars and houses as trying to brag because maybe those said materialistic things are unachievable to us. I think this idea of conspicuous consumption is very prevalent in todays society.

Can anyone else think of any other examples? I found this topic very interesting and am wondering if anyone else did too?

One thought on “Marxist–Commodities?

  1. mr39memory

    I agree, Marxist Criticism really reveals a lot of themes in “The Great Gatsby” but another example could be the pearl necklace that Tom bought Daisy… the necklace was a pricy buy and as a gift it becomes more of a symbol not of love in this case but of status or a sign of wealth. Daisy chose to marry Tom for his wealth which he clearly displays to her with this necklace.

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