Tyson Reading for 3/29

I found the reading on Feminism in Tyson eye-opening. It mentioned some things that I had never even heard of before such as the female friendly language and how marriage is a labor contract. I found both of these ideas quite interesting and I really enjoyed reading about them and learning more. Did anyone else learn something new or read further on a subject in the chapter that they find interesting?

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  1. tselmuun319

    Feminist criticism is probably one of my favorite theories we’ve studied so far.
    I was born and raised in Mongolia, which is a neighboring country with Russia and China and just like any other traditional asian culture, Mongolian culture is centered on patriarchy. Therefore, you could say that I’m relatively new to feminism and I too am a recovering patriarchal woman like Tyson defines herself. In addition, I liked how Tyson particularly explained the common stereotypical attitude towards feminism, while giving a bigger picture of the society and the day to day interactions we take for granted, such as the academic belief that women aren’t able to do math or science.
    Overall, I agree that it was refreshing!

  2. mr39memory

    I definitely agree with much of feminist ideologies and I have to say that the strict definitions that we have of gender have always bothered me. Now that I look back at myself in my younger years I see how much these distinctions had an impact on my life. I have three sisters and one brother, as a small girl I would play with my brother’s toys. My dad was always working outside and a lot of times he would call us out to go help him, to teach us something. I definitely think that the relationship between my mom and dad reinforced gender distinctions but I also think that a lot of the time I found the things that my dad did more interesting, so I would do them. As I got older I would mostly hang out with guys in middle school and I hated all the things that were expected of me as a girl, to gossip, to care about makeup, and whatever else. Anyway I definitely got into some feminine things but I always saw myself as more masculine because I wouldn’t necessarily care about my image and I didn’t really hang out with a lot of girls. I remember always challenging people about what they thought I could or couldn’t do because I felt like they were trying to limit me and I never understood why people had these biological essentialist thoughts, they seemed really silly to me. I think that the distinctions can be obscure and I really like the perception of gender as androgynous because honestly bodies are so complex. Sure there may be some basic structure but that is just so boring to think of that way.

    Ester Salguero

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