The full syllabus, with information on all course expectations and policies, assignments, etc. is available here: ENGL_295_MScanlon_201601

Amended schedule is available here: 295 AMENDED schedule s16


All readings must be done before class on the day assigned and you should bring the assigned texts to class.

Week 3

T Jan 26                      Snow cancellation

R Jan 28                      Tyson, “New Criticism” (129-60) and “Psychoanalytic Criticism” (11-50)

Week 4

T Feb 2                        Tyson, “Marxist Criticism” (51-78); Toolbox, “Ideology” (93-105)

R Feb 4                       Tyson, “Reader Response Criticism” (161-97); Toolbox, “Reading” (21-34)

►►Library orientation quiz should be completed by midnight Friday, February 5◄◄

Week 5

T Feb 9                        Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland: 1-51

R Feb 11                     Carroll, Alice: 52-97

Week 6

T Feb 16                      Carroll, “Humpty Dumpty,” from Through the Looking Glass, 157-167; Toolbox: “Subjectivity” (35-50) and “Poststructuralism” (145-154)

R Feb 18                     Toolbox: “Author/ity” (9-20); Norton Alice: Biographical materials (241-48); “The Letters of Lewis Carroll, 1840-1857” (251-54), “The Letters…1864-1885” (268-71), “The Letters…1868-1897” (284-89); “Alice’s Recollections” (265-68); “Alice on the Stage” (276-79); “Dodgson’s Friendships with Women” (295-97); “An Old Bachelor” (299-303)

Week 7

T Feb 23                      Tyson, “Deconstructive Criticism” (235-66)

R Feb 25                     Meet in Simpson Library for session on library research skills

►►Essay #1 due in Canvas by midnight Friday, February 26◄◄

Week 8                        Spring Break: Read a good book.

Week 9

T Mar 8                       Tyson, “New Historical and Cultural Criticism” (267-301)

R Mar 10                     Tyson, “Lesbian, Gay, and Queer Criticism” (302-42); Toolbox, “Differences” (171-205)

Week 10

T Mar 15                     Ruhl, Passion Play: Part One and Toolbox, “Postmodernism” (139-145)

R Mar 17                     Ruhl: Part Two

►►Library Research Assignment due in Canvas by midnight Friday, March 18◄◄

Week 11

T Mar 22                     Ruhl: Part Three

R Mar 24                     Ruhl and Tyson, “Postcolonial Criticism” (398-447); Toolbox, “History” (107-120)

Week 12

T Mar 29                     Tyson, “Feminist Criticism” (79-128)

R Mar 31                     Tretheway, Native Guard: “Theories of Time and Space” (1) and Part I (3-15)

►►Essay #2 due in Canvas by midnight Sunday, April 3◄◄

Week 13

T Apr 5                       Tretheway, Native Guard: “Pilgrimage” (19-20); “Scenes from a Documentary History of Mississippi” (21-24) and Tyson, “African American Criticism” (343-97)

R Apr 7                       Tretheway, Native Guard: “Native Guard” (25-30); “Again, the Fields” (31)

Week 14

T Apr 12                     Tretheway, Native Guard: Part III (33-46)

R Apr 14                     Tretheway and collaborative group work

Week 15

T Apr 19                     Collaborative group work. ►Essay #3 due in Canvas by midnight.◄◄

R Apr 21                     ELC Kemp Symposium. Class will not meet. Attend at least one session of the Symposium or an ELC panel of Research and Creativity Day.

►►Collaborative Articles due by midnight Friday, April 22◄◄


Group Presentations on Collaborative Articles will be given during the Final Exam Periods:

section 01: Thursday, April 28, 8:30-11:00

section 02: Tuesday, April 26, 8:30-11:00