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Collaborative Articles Assigned

As of this morning, each of you should have received an email from me about this project, which is due at the very end of the semester.  The email is addressed to you and to your partner(s) for this assignment, and it contains a link to the Google Doc in which you will work.

  • If you follow the link and your name is NOT at the top of the document you reach, please alert me immediately.
  • The topic assigned to your group is in the title of the document.  The assignment itself is reprinted there.
  • Reminder: if you want this project to be manageable, you will use this google doc throughout the semester, as we study each theory, as a place to take notes (including page numbers of definitions, etc.), jot ideas, and communicate with one another.  Maybe you want to do so right away for New, Psychoanalytic, and Marxist theory if they apply to your term.
  • At any point that your group wishes to discuss or clarify the topic, I am happy to meet with you in my office hours to do so.