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Submitting to Canvas

Do you have a Bridge to the Blog or Applied Theory Post that was completed and posted on the blog but never submitted to Canvas?

It won’t get credit! 

My FINAL date for accepting the submission of Bridges and ATPs to Canvas is Friday, April 15, at midnight.  After that they will revert to 0.


Collaborative Projects: 2 Updates

  1. I have made changes to some of the collaborative groups.  Please check your email. Even if your group remained the same, you’ve received a confirmation of that and I’ve sent everyone their document link again.
  2. As I mentioned in class, if you look at this assignment in Canvas you will see that I’ve now included the guidelines for the oral presentation that each group will do during the final exam slot.


Welcome to the 295 blog

This blog is an essential extension of our classroom, and it should be homebase for you: you should use it as a place to engage with our course materials, share resources, and ask questions, and you should always read it between class meetings. Additionally, it will host some of your assignments, expanding your audience beyond the teacher to the other students of 295.

Here we go

Here we go